ABOUT BTM CHiropractic

ABOUT BTM CHiropractic

Welcome, I’m Bianca

Dr. Bianca studied at University of Johannesburg and graduated with a Master’s degree in Chiropractic. Her mission is to combine exercise and quality chiropractic care to deliver the best possible outcome so that so that athletes and families may express health to their fullest.

Bianca is continually expanding her knowledge and expertise in sports chiropractic care and she is passionate about providing the community with a drugless healing art so that we may not just survive or live, but thrive! She is dedicated to inspiring health and empowering families through her love and passion for fitness.

our why

Bianca’s journey into holistic health and fitness

Having scoliosis and a dancing background, I experienced a lot of discomfort and injuries. I wanted a long-term solution for my discomfort and reoccurring injuries instead of being prescribed medication. I experienced first-hand the healing properties of chiropractic care and how you can live a pain free, healthier and happier life despite having any musculoskeletal or painful conditions.

During my healing journey, I realized the importance of correct exercise and mobility training in painful conditions. Not only does it minimize the pain, but it also speeds up the healing process and prevents further injury or disability.

Correct supplements made all the difference in my overall body function and performance. Extending beyond the physical aspect, practicing internal peace, gratitude and eliminating external stressors from your internal environment is the most important key in our overall health. Our body listens to our mind and its thoughts.

This is why I am here and why I am fortunate enough to work with Brands such as Fitness magazine, Biogen and Dischem living fit. It is to educate individuals on this holistic approach that will increase your quality of life the way that it did for me.


Roodepoort or Morningside

Welcome to the home of BTM Chiropractic. A space where you are welcomed to  be your most authentic self, so that you can make the most of your  BTM chiropractic experience.

Our practice layout cultivates a passion for life, fitness, healing and overall wellbeing, both physically, mentally and spiritually. We strive to empower you to feel good and at peace when you enter. To help you function at your absolute best through our knowledge, guidance and expertise.

We use state of the art chiropractic beds and equipment, offering you the full, unique BTM Chiropractic experience that you will carry with your when you exit our home.

Open Monday – Saturdays.
Bookings by appointment only.