Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Statement

This statement sets out the steps that Change Hospitality has taken during the financial year ending 28th February 2022 to ensure, as far as possible, that modern slavery1 is not taking place within its business or its supply chains.

Change Hospitality’s success depends on the trust and confidence of all those with whom Change Hospitality comes into contact. That trust and confidence depends on Change Hospitality’s reputation for acting ethically, with integrity, and to the highest professional standards. Change Hospitality is aware of the risk that modern slavery is taking place within its business or supply chains, and will continue to improve its policies, standards and procedures in order to counter this risk.

Group structure and business

Change Hospitality’s operations are based in the UK and has relationships with stakeholders across the UK.

Given the nature of the Change Hospitality’s business, a large proportion of its expenditure is on staff costs (95% in 2021). Of Change Hospitality’s non-staff expenditure, it is all located within the UK.

Policies, standards and procedures

All Change Hospitality representatives are expected to operate in accordance with the Standards of Conduct policy.

Change Hospitality has policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with UK employment law, and is subject to periodic internal audit reviews.

Change Hospitality’s purchasing procedures require the procurement of all goods, services and works to be based on value for money having due regard to propriety and regularity, and to sustainability in respect of environmental and ethical considerations.

Risk assessment

High risk areas are subject to scrutiny by the Board of Directors, supported by Internal Audit. During the year Change Hospitality’s procedures for monitoring and providing advice on client employment practices were reviewed and were found to be effective. This statement was approved by the Board of Directors.