Restaurant Story

“Restaurant Story has worked with Change since we first opened our doors. During this time Change has helped us place our Head Sommelier and Restaurant Manager within Front of House, as well as, a number of skilled chefs for our Back of House team. As our business is now growing and diversifying, we are pleased to have Change come along with us on this journey, as they help us recruit for additional employees for our new projects. It is always helpful having a recruitment partner you can rely on to find you the right staff because they know your business and understand your company ethos.There are a number of elements that make Change’s service stand out from that of other recruitment agencies, the first being their thorough work ethic and processes. Many members of the team at Change have taken the time to dine in our restaurant, giving them a better idea of what we are about and what we are looking for when hiring new staff. They also recently sent out a press release for us detailing the placement of our Head Sommelier which we received a significant amount of media coverage from including follow up articles. This is an added benefit I have never experienced from a recruitment agency before and I feel it really showcases their desire to partner with their clients and form long lasting relationships. I would highly recommend Change to anyone looking to recruit within the hospitality or luxury sectors and look forward to working with them in the future”.