“I have worked very closely with Change on permanent chef recruitment for both our properties since March 2015. Since our initial meeting last year, we have been able to place approximately 6 candidates in our kitchen through Change. What sets their approach apart from other recruiters is that they provide factual information about candidates and do not try to oversell candidates. This has led us to fully understand who the candidate is prior to meeting them and also helps to manage our expectations in this way. Change team has fully grasped what type of company and employer we are and really understands our culture at the hotel. They manage to send candidates with the right pedigree to positively compliment our team. Change have managed to send high calibre chefs in tough times in London which has enabled us to get our kitchen back into shape. Without them assisting us with our permanent chef recruitment, we would have struggled massively over the summer period and we are very grateful for all their hard work”.